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7-Jan-20 5:10
Ireland XO Community, Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 3 Hi,
by McCoy 19-Feb-20 9:45

townland of Rockmount

16-Sep-18 18:45
Ireland XO Community, Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 6 You are very welcome, Jeanne! 
by Jane Halloran Ryan 21-Sep-18 9:24

Finucane-O'Shaughnessy ancestors

4-Aug-16 19:55
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 6  
by edoshaugh 25-Oct-16 17:50

Michael and Mary TROY of Carroweagh, children of John & Bridget (Keane) TROY, Killadysert parish, moved to Canada then Rochester NY USA.

20-Mar-16 3:07
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 15 Greg Lawson, I have connected our
by Kathleen 2-Aug-20 17:05

What type of records would be available for Cragg?

23-Feb-15 8:57
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 5 I looked again at the census record
by BlondieRides 23-Oct-16 17:13

searching for ancestral family

4-Jul-13 17:17
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 2 Response
by Emma Carty 10-Jul-13 12:56

my Finucane-O'Shaughnessy family of Clare mid 19th C

24-Jun-13 18:37
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 3 linked maps
by edoshaugh 10-Apr-14 21:36

O'Dea married D'Arcy

13-May-13 14:35
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 2 O Dea
by Terryglass55, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 14-May-13 14:32

Kelly & Hehir Families

8-Apr-13 2:48
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 6 Hi Joe,
by joeb424 22-Mar-21 14:13


2-Mar-13 3:32
Kilfiddane (Clare), Clare 2 edit on original post
by jeannemarge 2-Mar-13 4:05