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Geoghegan in Kilgarriff and Clonakilty

13-Mar-18 3:28
Ireland XO Community, Kilgarriffe (Cork) 4 Thank you so much, Jane and Frank!
by AnnieG 15-Mar-18 20:49

Hurley from Clonakilty

24-May-17 3:04
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 5 I am the Great Grandson of John
by Norm 9-Dec-18 19:30

Spillane/Driscol - Clonakilty

10-May-17 15:21
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Christine:
by Castlemore Roscommon 10-May-17 16:56

Catagh Clonakilty

3-Aug-16 9:14
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Ellamul:
by Castlemore Roscommon 3-Aug-16 15:40

John Fair born Clonakilty C1805

10-Jul-16 9:50
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 5 Deirdre:
by Castlemore Roscommon 12-Jul-16 14:54

John Fair born Clonakilty C1805

10-Jul-16 9:47
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Duplicate message.
by Castlemore Roscommon 10-Jul-16 14:33

Hayes, Phipps Family

30-Mar-16 1:22
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 3 Mishuny,
by shinklen 9-Jul-17 19:40

Surname NOONAN

30-Dec-14 23:42
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Afternoon I see that Frances
by Clare Doyle 13-Jan-15 15:10

Moore, Moher County Cork

25-Oct-14 19:18
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Dear Joyce Welcome to Ireland
by Clare Doyle 4-Nov-14 10:58

Brothertons in Kilgarriff

12-Mar-14 14:35
Kilgarriffe (Cork) 2 Cork Ancestors
by Clare Doyle 1-Apr-14 10:24