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Looking for Ancestors

11-Dec-20 23:05
Ireland XO Community, Roscommon, Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 8 My oh My!  This is so much
by KBKodiak 8-Jan-21 4:33

Walsh/Paden of Toorymartin and Ardlavagh

13-Feb-20 20:20
Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 3 I might suggest that you look at
by Debimad 26-Feb-20 19:34

Husbands - 2nd Great Grandfather ..... Michael Brennan & Bridget Green Family Boyle Rosecommon Ireland

10-May-19 22:20
Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 2  
by Rua 14-May-19 10:00

Boyle Workhouse 3D Model

26-Feb-19 14:43
Ireland XO Community, Boyle (Roscommon), Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 2 This is a fantastic rendering 
by Rua 27-Feb-19 3:17

Confusion Alert: 2 "Killukin" civil parishes in Co. Roscommon

11-May-18 23:34
Ireland XO Community, Killukin (Roscommon), Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 1

Mulvey Family

8-May-18 14:10
Ireland XO Community, Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 3 Many thanks for the information.
by small blue doris 9-May-18 13:15

Madden Family

22-Jul-17 19:29
Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 3 If your ancestors came from
by Rua 23-Jul-17 14:48

Barrett of Croghan and Carrick-on-Shannon

27-Apr-17 6:24
Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) 3 Jane
by Rua 30-Apr-17 1:46