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George Fitzharris

27-Sep-23 19:43
Ireland XO Community 4 I'm very impressed happy wheel
by ladyjames6600 28-Sep-23 2:38

Monaghan/Monahan, Ptrk, Patrick, 1870

27-Sep-23 14:33
Ireland XO Community 3
by Eileen 27-Sep-23 20:26

Hanley/Gannons in Lissonuffy 1830s

27-Sep-23 13:47
Lissonuffy (Roscommon), Roscommon 4 This is my first time visiting
by ladyjames6600 28-Sep-23 2:39

Denis Gallagher/Ellen Ferry

27-Sep-23 01:52
Tullaghobegly (Donegal), Donegal 3 Thanks so much Roger. That mak
by kerriem 27-Sep-23 21:54

William Corboy (son of Jeremiah Corboy and Honora Donoghue)

26-Sep-23 22:53
Tipperary 4 Hi McCoy,
by Alanna 27-Sep-23 17:54

Mary Donovan (daughter of Patrick Donovan & Mary Shanahan)

26-Sep-23 22:25
Cork 3 Hi Roger,
by Alanna 27-Sep-23 17:59

William Maguire Born approx 1801

26-Sep-23 18:10
Ireland XO Community 2
by Eileen 26-Sep-23 19:53

Looking for more family

26-Sep-23 16:49
Killaghtee (Donegal), Donegal 4 Wow, can I say that this is an
by ladyjames6600 28-Sep-23 2:36

Question on incomplete marriage register entry and no corresponding RC church registration

26-Sep-23 14:22
Ireland XO Community 7 Thank you very much
by ladyjames6600 28-Sep-23 2:35

Mary Cullivin, Collevan, Cullivan or similar

26-Sep-23 07:09
Ireland XO Community 4 Thank you for sharing
by ladyjames6600 28-Sep-23 2:35

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