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Searching for my Kirby & Foley ancesters & any living relatives

12-Jul-19 19:20
Ireland XO Community, Waterford, Tallow (Waterford), Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 5 I don't know if there's a
by KateStout 14-Sep-19 22:16

Bow of Carrick on Suir, County Waterford

20-May-18 22:38
Ireland XO Community, Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 3 Thanks so much, appreciate this.
by scooper200 22-May-18 14:05

Edmond Carrigan and family

21-Mar-18 11:41
Ireland XO Community, Waterford, Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 4 Valerie:
by Castlemore Roscommon 24-Mar-18 14:04

Ellen Nugent b. 1854 daughter of Patrick Nugent and Mary

3-Jan-18 17:59
Ireland XO Community, Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 3 Thank you so much!!!! I may have to
by candeepal 4-Jan-18 13:06

O'Brien and Hennessy

5-May-17 2:37
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 2 Julie::
by Castlemore Roscommon 5-May-17 17:56

Michael English and Mary Sullivan

13-Apr-17 14:49
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 3 Thanks Roger, I knew about Sarah
by smacavoy 13-Apr-17 18:37

Matthew Jordan b. 1818

6-Oct-16 1:02
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 4 Images of the historic Catholic
by shanew147 8-Oct-16 12:58

William Moore and Brigid Noonan family from Ballysaggart / Ballysaggartmore

27-Sep-16 21:08
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 4 Melissa:
by Castlemore Roscommon 11-Oct-16 18:58

Keresey Family

31-Aug-16 21:55
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 3 Thanks, but no, my ancestor was 4
by gkeresey 5-Sep-16 16:30

Lawrence Flynn, Carrignagower, near Lismore

29-Feb-16 1:36
Lismore and Mocollop (Waterford) 3  
by Johngf6 2-Mar-16 4:31