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26-Jul-19 15:09
Ireland XO Community, Magheracloone (Monaghan) 5 Hi Marron:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 29-Jul-19 15:34

Donnellan Family

11-Apr-19 23:50
Ireland XO Community, Magheracloone (Monaghan) 2 Hi Evie,
by ColCaff 14-Apr-19 3:18

Lee from magheracloone

21-Aug-18 4:27
Ireland XO Community, Magheracloone (Monaghan) 2 Dear Aaron Lee:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 25-Sep-18 16:33


12-Jun-18 2:59
Ireland XO Community, Magheracloone (Monaghan) 3 Hi Roger,
by SPO 19-Jun-18 2:13

Duffys/Wards from Drombrone

2-Jan-18 21:16
Ireland XO Community, Monaghan, Magheracloone (Monaghan) 20 Hi Sean, don't know if you're still
by mairindubh 22-Dec-18 1:30

Thomas J. McMahon Born 19 June 1884 - Son of Owen and Mary Johnston McMahon

18-Jul-15 20:28
Magheracloone (Monaghan) 2 Mark:
by Castlemore Roscommon 19-Jul-15 15:28

Hannan Family from Magheracloone Monaghan

9-Jun-15 19:23
Magheracloone (Monaghan) 2 I'm going to assume your family was
by Castlemore Roscommon 12-Jun-15 14:49


3-Oct-13 7:54
Magheracloone (Monaghan) 5 Thankyou Scott - very much
by lynnemc 20-Jun-17 7:49

Looking for the elusive McCabes

17-Jun-13 9:19
Magheracloone (Monaghan) 8 To update the original post: 
by polkaroo 19-Aug-19 9:45


2-Mar-13 17:44
Magheracloone (Monaghan) 2 Daily/Brennans
by Bailieborough Cavan 2-Mar-13 22:36