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Correct parish?

8-Mar-20 15:26
Ireland XO Community, Kilmeena (Mayo), Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 2 Yes you are in the correct parish
by Rua 9-Mar-20 15:11

Inisheeny Island

4-Feb-20 8:36
Ireland XO Community, Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 4 GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE I 'M AN
by Grady's of Inishineey 11-Jul-20 19:51


28-Dec-19 22:44
Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 2 Hi Mandy,
by ColCaff, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 29-Dec-19 4:00

Hastings/Heston/O’Histon prior to 1850 - Drummin Townland or adjacent, possibly

13-Jan-19 16:27
Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 1

Corley from Westport and Kilmeena

7-Nov-18 4:32
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Oughaval (Mayo) 3 Hello Col,
by Diane Palos 23-Nov-18 11:53


19-Jul-18 16:40
Ireland XO Community, Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 3 Thanks very much for your time!
by anneecleary 21-Jul-18 15:36

Michael Moore, Son of Anthony and Sarah Moore (Welsh)

28-Jun-18 13:21
Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 1

Flanagan, westport, mayo

16-Apr-18 22:02
Ireland XO Community, Mayo, Oughaval (Mayo) 8 Hi Pat,
by CherylJustine 7-Sep-18 7:01

Mortimer Family

13-Aug-17 19:20
Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 2 Patty:
by Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘ 13-Aug-17 19:44

decedents of a George Ford died 2008

20-Jun-17 8:34
Oughaval (Mayo), Mayo 6 Thanks Roger
by Christine 23-Jun-17 11:08