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Catherine (O)Connor

30-Aug-20 21:31
Ireland XO Community, Templecrone (Donegal) 6 Hi Denis
by john watson 28-Sep-20 17:26

Moses Hanlon and Isabella Scott

2-Oct-19 17:18
Ireland XO Community, Donegal, Templecrone (Donegal) 7 For help with Methodist records you
by McBee 30-Nov-19 16:19

Manus Boyle of Dungloe

21-Sep-19 12:37
Templecrone (Donegal), Donegal 8  
by Nancydoc 8-Dec-19 2:45

Boyle, O'Donnel and McHugh.

15-Feb-18 4:13
Templecrone (Donegal), Donegal 2 Ina:
by Castlemore Roscommon 15-Feb-18 16:46

McFadden / Sharkey

1-Dec-16 16:54
Templecrone (Donegal) 2 Duplicate. See message posted in
by Castlemore Roscommon 1-Dec-16 17:38

BOYLE family, Main Street, Dungloe

3-May-16 5:49
Templecrone (Donegal) 6  
by McBee 21-Sep-19 20:35

Search for James and Margaret Campbell

26-Feb-16 20:21
Templecrone (Donegal) 4 Elwyn & Roger,
by Bill McCafferty 27-Feb-16 14:38

McCall (Coll) Family from Crohy, Parish Templecrone, Co. Donegal

6-Jan-16 0:49
Templecrone (Donegal) 6 Thank you both, I will follow up on
by KMWRoots 7-Jan-16 3:02

Researching Boyle family

15-Apr-15 12:34
Templecrone (Donegal) 3 Col, I have to apologize to
by kathy munn 16-Apr-15 0:14

Seeking Hanlons in Dungloe or Loughnaure

11-Apr-15 19:46
Templecrone (Donegal) 3 Good luck
by IvaHan 1-May-15 20:24