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Tulla visitors baptised in 1819

4-May-21 2:29
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 8 Thanks  a lot Patricia and
by moranding 8-May-21 2:32

Tulla Workhouse

3-Apr-21 10:26
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 2 Hi Tom,
by McCoy 9-Apr-21 11:16

Tulla misclassified as Galway on

6-Feb-21 23:12
Ireland XO Community, Clare, Tulla (Clare) 3 Thank you for this information!
by ImaClune 17-Feb-21 20:50

Kiltannon House

2-Oct-20 8:18
Tulla (Clare), Clare 2 Hi Malachy:  
by Jane Halloran Ryan 2-Oct-20 10:26

Info concerning Patrick Halloran

17-Sep-20 4:39
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 2 Hi There:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 18-Sep-20 14:00

Ann Gleeson

1-Mar-20 14:54
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 3 Jane, as always, you have provided
by o2barichgirl 5-Mar-20 18:32

Seeking information on the family of John Grady

14-Oct-19 19:19
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 3 Thank you, Miriam, for your help! I
by suellenpavlik 18-Oct-19 18:31

William Dodd

10-Jul-19 11:44
Ireland XO Community, Killaloe (Clare), Tulla (Clare) 4 Hi Pat:  
by Jane Halloran Ryan 5-Sep-19 10:37

Michael Hartigan

7-May-18 10:12
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 2 Dear Mike:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 8-May-18 11:33

Cusack family Moymore / Cloonteen 1820's to 1840's?

12-Mar-18 23:40
Ireland XO Community, Tulla (Clare) 2 Dear Andrew:
by Jane Halloran Ryan 22-Mar-18 13:34