Chronicles Challenge Emigrants to South America

Friday, 9 October, 2020
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The Chronicles Challenge is a platform that is used to share local information about our civil parishes in Ireland.  If you have a photograph or some history about any of the prompts, please feel free to create an IrelandXO Chronicle about it.  You can use the three strands of:  Ancestor, Building or Timeline Event.  #chronicleschallenge #irelandxo

Emigration IrelandXO

This week, we will focus on those Emigrants who went to the USA. An XOChronicle can be created via an Ancestor profile. A Building profile can be created showing an Ancestor's headstone, or a homestead where they lived before they left Ireland. A Timeline Event can be created giving the date of emigration from Ireland to South America. Please consider creating an XOChronicle around this prompt with this theme in mind. You can search for Ancestors by the "Migrated To" button when creating an Ancestor profile. An Ancestor profile photograph is not a requirement, and photos can be added at a future time. By creating an XOChronicle around this prompt you are sharing the parish history and commemorating the community in the IrelandXO Chronicles feature.