Monday, 25 May, 2020
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Our Weekly Chronicles Challenge is an open invitation to any of our members to create Chronicles around their family history and local connection to a particular parish.  We invite anyone to add an XO Chronicle using the weekly prompts for guidance and assistance with creating XO Chronicles.  We will share these Chronicles on our website for all to enjoy.  Often, there are other members who are also researching the same family or local area and this can lead to sharing and collaboration.  Enjoy!

Chronicles Challenge Week 9 Castles

This week's prompt is: Castles. This prompt is more relevant with creating a Building Chronicle.  However, you can use a Timeline Event or an Ancestor Profile to create information about a castle, its inhabitants or families associated with it and any particular events that took place there.  Old photos of castles can also be used. You can use "Castle" as the Building type for a Castle Chronicle.  If you find that there is already a Castle Chronicle created for your parish, please add to it, or please connect it with an Ancestor or a Timeline Event. These Castle Chronicles will be shared with all our members who will get a taste of the local history and the local families and events of the parish. Please use the hashtag  #ChroniclesChallenge with submission of your Chronicle.