Thursday, 18 June, 2020
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Now you can catch up on our first Chronicles Workshop and learn how to add people, buildings and timelines to the XO Chronicles.

Chronicles Workshop Playback: Adding Ancestors

During this Chronicles Workshop recording we will show you how to:

  • create a Chronicle (Ancestor, Building or Timeline)

  • upload pictures

  • edit details

  • share your Chronicles on your social media, enabling others descended from the same place to find out more about the place they come from

The XO Chronicles is a completely free feature on the website. It works by enabling all people of Irish ancestry, both in Ireland and around the world, to add to the heritage of every Irish locality by recording what they know about our ancestors, the places they lived in and the events that shaped their lives.

Have you seen our Website Tour playback? Find out how to get the most our of your free IrelandXO membership with the short website walkthrough.