Monday, 25 May, 2020
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In May, we hosted our first webinar in our Creating Connections series. Catch up on the advice shared in this playback of the live webinar

Creating Connections: From Message Board to Meet & Greet

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Every year, thousands of bonds are made between people of Irish descent on the IrelandXO Message Board. Make sure that you are one of those connecting this year by replaying the Creating Connections webinar! 

In this recording we show you how to discover more about your Irish ancestors' place of origin and help you create some real connections, with the community still living there today, and with others descended from the same place living all around the world.

The first topic in our Creating Connections series was From Message Board to Meet & Greet. We focused on the IrelandXO Community Message Board, showing you how it can be best used to discover more about your ancestors' place of origin. We looked at:

  • how best to frame a message board query

  • what information should be included   

  • what information is being looked for