Thursday, 11 March, 2021
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This St Patrick’s Day, the Department of Foreign Affairs, through the Consulate General of Ireland in Sydney, is proud to present ‘Generation Green’, a mixed multimedia project that features online stories and videos that capture the unique experience of Aussies with Irish heritage.   

Generation Green: What does it mean to be a young Irish-Australian

Generation Green showcases the voices of the latest Irish-Australian generation to reach adulthood, helping us explore and celebrate the profound links between the two countries. The ‘story so far’ nature of these young people’s experience illuminates the history of Irish migration to Australia in a personal way, and introduces us to the millennial and Gen Z descendants of those who crossed the world to make their home down under.

Meet Generation Green, a richly varied group of young Australians whose Irish ancestry spans the colonial era, echoing across two centuries, to more recent waves of migration. They share tales of their future hopes and blood heritage, ranging from legendary distant relatives and proud Aboriginal connections, to parents who still speak with a brogue...

Link: Click here to find out more

The project also includes an in-person event and exhibition, so if you’re lucky enough to be located in Sydney, why not take a stroll down the Rocks for the St Patrick’s Day Festival (21st February) to check out the exhibition and get involved in the conversation?