Tuesday, 26 January, 2016
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In the quest to be more self-sufficient and to ensure the long-term stability and growth of the programme, Ireland Reaching Out have introduced a Google Adsense revenue stream to the Ireland XO website. This means Google will place advertisements on the website and Ireland Reaching Out will earn a small fee when someone visiting the website clicks on one of these ads. There is no cost to our members, as clicking on an ad is completely free to them, and any revenue earned from this will be reinvested in the maintenance and growth of the Ireland Reaching Out programme. 

A community Ireland XO gathering in Tulla County Clare

The position of the ads has been designed to interfere as little as possible with the experience of using the website and certain restrictions have been put in place to manage the nature of the ads themselves. 

Google has been a long-standing supporter of Ireland Reaching Out and have donated valuable technological resources to the programme. Ireland Reaching Out also has access to high end Google consultants throught their non-profit support structure and has benefited from their technical expertise in a multitude of areas. Ireland Reaching Out are delighted to have Google as their partner in this, their first global fund-raising effort. We look forward to our members and partners supporting this initiative.

As always, Ireland Reaching Out is a non-profit organisation, and we hope that our users will embrace this forward-thinking development as a valuable form of fund-raising. We are excited to be growing our programme with the help of this additional revenue to continue connecting people of Irish descent all around the world with their local community of origin.