Wednesday, 6 May, 2015
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In March 2015 the Department of Foreign Affairs launched the Government's first ever National Diaspory Policy.

Minister Flanagan and Minister Deenihan

"Our vision is a vibrant, diverse global Irish community, connected to Ireland and to each other."

Mike Feerick Minister Deenihan Global Irish March 2015

Global Irish is the first clear statement of Government of Ireland policy on the diaspora which recognises that Ireland has a unique and important relationship with its diaspora that must be nurtured and developed.  It honours the spirit of Article 2 of the Irish Constitution which states "The Irish nation cherishes its special affinity with people of Irish ancestry living abroad who share its cultural identity and heritage".

Ireland Reaching Out is a key feature of the Government's policy for the Diaspora and is part of its Emigrant Support Programme.  A sense of place is enormously important for all people of Irish Descent and as a community-led programme, Ireland Reaching Out is able to give local Parishes a global platform from which to connect with descendants of emigrants from their area.

Irish Abroad in New York with Minister Deenihan.An important part of the Government's strategy for Diaspora is providing support to all emigrants living abroad.  Global Irish is a hub for emigrants and those of Irish descent to access information across a range of topics, including information on how to maintain your links to, and stay in touch with, Ireland through sport, heritage, culture and Irish media outlets. The hub also provides information to help people settle into their new homes overseas with connections to Irish clubs, societies and business networks internationally. There is also a section for those considering returning to Ireland, bringing together information on job and training opportunities, supports for starting your own business and helpful tips on setting up home in Ireland with information on housing and education. This hub will evolve, as more online resources come available and in response to the views of users.

Read the full Glogal Irish policy document here

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade


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