Wednesday, 18 March, 2020
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With travel restrictions in place, we know that a lot of you will have been forced to make the difficult decision to cancel your trips to Ireland. We understand that you must be disappointed, so we have put together a list of our favourite Instagram accounts that showcase our magical little corner of the world to beautiful effect. So even if you can't touch the green green grass of home, at least you can take a closer look at all of the beauty that this country has to offer. 

We look forward to welcoming you home to Ireland with open arms when the storm has passed. 

Ireland on Instagram


Ireland has some breathtakingly beautiful scenery, from rugged coastlines to limestone mountains, here are five Instagram accounts that give you a taste of the diverse landscapes of Ireland. 

1. Insta Ireland

Insta_Ireland is home to some jaw-dropping photographs of rural Ireland, like this shot of some local sheep on the famous Ring of Kerry.

Meeting the locals on the Ring of Kerry

2. Ireland Travel

Ireland_Travel has a number of stunning pictures of our wild coastline. This particular shot was taken on the Bloody Foreland in Donegal. 

Bloody Foreland Donegal, Wild Atlantic Way

3. Ireland

The simply named Ireland has a good mix of rural and city shots. This is the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin's fair city, featuring a Dublin bus in action. 

Samuel Beckett Bridge River Liffey Dublin

4. Visit Ireland

Visit Ireland will help you with planning your tour of Ireland when you decide to come and see this country with your own eyes, and with pictures like this one taken in the Connemara National Park, they make it very tempting. 

Connemara on the Wild Atlantic Way in County Galway

5. Ireland Before You Die

Ireland_Before_You_Die gives some great insider tips for your future trip to Ireland. The Bray to Greystones cliffwalk is an absolute must do, or if you don't feel up to the hike, the short train journey is equally impressive.

Bray to Greaystones Cliff Walk County Wicklow Ireland's Ancient East


Let's not forget something for the history buffs. Ireland's archaeological record dates all the way back to pre-history. Most Irish archaeology companies and University departments have their own social media accounts, but here are some pages that we have picked out for you to enjoy.

1. Irish Archaeology

If monastic ruins are your thing, then Irish_Archaeology is the page for you. Their content is a great example of how Ireland earned its reputation as 'The Isle of Saints and Scholars'. 

Irish Archaeology Monastic Ruins

2. Castles and Monuments

Ireland has no shortage of Castles, like Aughnanure Castle in Oughterard, County Galway, as featured on Castles and Monuments, a wonderful page for lovers of these great Irish structures. 

Aughnanure Castle County Galway Wild Atlantic Way

3. Ireland's Prehistoric Rock Art

Moving even further back in history, Archaeology of Ireland has a more pre-historic focus where you can learn about megaliths like the Poulnabrone Portal Tomb in County Clare. 

Poulnabrone Portal Tomb County Clare


And last, but certainly not least, for your daily dose of cuteness from the natural world, here is an account that showcases excellent photographs of Ireland's native wildlife.

1. Irish Wildlife

Irish Wildlife Photos is the go to for pictures of our native animals, like the elusive red squirrel. 

Irish Native Red Squirrel

Although these photos cannot compare to witnessing Ireland's beauty with your own eyes, we hope that they will help to alleviate some of the disappointment of postponed trips. Be sure to make note of the places that really catch your eye so that you can add them to your itinerary when you eventually make your way to us from across the waves. 

Don't forget to check out our own Instagram Account @Ireland_Reaching_Out where you can see all the latest updates of what we've been getting up to.