Wednesday, 12 August, 2020
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Every month we come across fascinating books that we think our members would love to hear about! Rather than bombard you with individual titles, we are launching our IrelandXO Book Club, a regular reading list of Irish-themed books that have been brought to our attention and that we think would be of interest to our IrelandXO Community.

IrelandXO Book Club - Recent Releases

From historical fiction to diaspora memoirs, from coffee table County picture books to Irish-international relations, we aim to offer you a diverse slice of Irish and Irish diaspora life, including perspectives from around the world. You may want to suggest our reading list at your next book club meeting, or even start a new book club with the IrelandXO theme. We'd love to hear your feedback of the titles listed below and suggestions for future IrelandXO Book Club reading lists. #IrelandXOBookClub

Fierce History

Colin Murphy, 2018

Bestselling author, Colin Murphy, explores the historical figures and events that have existed for centuries in the fringes and brings them out into the open for the reader.  Full of historical stories that will intrigue you, captivate you, revolt you and even make you laugh! Colin Murphy welcomes you into the fringes of history where shocking stories and compelling facts await you.

Fierce History Colin Murphy

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The Tainted

Cauvery Madhaven, 2020

It's spring 1920 in the small military town of Nandagiri in southeast India. Colonel Aylmer, commander of the Royal Irish Kildare Rangers, is in charge. The first part of this book takes place around the Connaught Rangers mutiny in India in the summer of 1920 and although this historically significant event itself is only a brief episode in the novel it has grave consequences for its characters.

The Tainted

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Old Ireland in colour

John Breslin and Fr Sarah-Anne Buckley, September 2020 (coming soon)

Old Ireland in Colour brings to life the rich history of Ireland and the Irish through the colour restoration of these stunning images of all walks of Irish life throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Old Ireland in Colour

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We are Mayo

Tom Brett and Sean Rice, 2020

We are Mayo seeks to reach out to all Mayo people – those living not only in Ireland and Britain but also to the very large, worldwide Mayo diaspora who for various reasons now live their lives in places far away from County Mayo and the country of their birth and youth.

This glossy, high quality production takes us through the political, cultural, social and sporting history of Mayo, documenting the lives of many famous people and places. The book is broken down into easily readable short articles covering the geography of the county, including its magnificent mountains, islands, rivers and lakes, as well as numerous places of historical and archaeological interest. It makes for avid reading, whether you are a native of this Wild Atlantic County or a descendant of its hundreds of thousands of emigrants.

We are Mayo

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Trina Vargo, 2019

Trina Vargo founded the US-Ireland Alliance and the prestigious George J. Mitchell Scholarship program, which introduces future American leaders to the island of Ireland. Vargo passionately believes the US-Ireland relationship needs to evolve and to survive. This page turning memoir gives an unvarnished account of the challenges and poses serious questions about the future of the relationship that should be carefully considered by anyone who cares deeply about both countries.

Shenanigans Trina Vargo

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Rivers of Dublin - New Revised Edition

Clair Sweeney,2017

The Rivers of Dublin is the new edition of a cherished study; a unique examination of the water routes of Ireland’s capital and the ceaseless activity they enabled and inspired. It proves, in short, that the history of Dublin is that of its rivers.

Newly updated and beautifully redesigned, The Rivers of Dublin, is a meticulous study of the watercourses that flow through Ireland’s capital city, serving as a history of those who settled and thrived along their banks.

The Rivers of Dublin

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The Hungry Road

Marita Conlon-McKenna, 2020

With The Hungry Road, the Number One Irish bestseller and award-winning author has created the definitive adult novel of the hard times of the Irish Famine. Inspired by true Irish heroes, The Hungry Road is the heartbreaking story of the Great Irish Famine told by one of Ireland's best-loved writers.


The Hungry Road

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Let us know your feedback and recommendations!

Do you know of an Irish-diaspora related book that would be a good fit with our IrelandXO Book Club? Perhaps you have recently read one of the books on the list above and would like to submit a review? We plan to publish new lists regularly and hope to get feedback and suggestions on interesting reads from our members. If you would like to suggest a book, or tell us your impression of the books listed above, please email here.

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