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The traditional recipes of Ireland (cooked by our ancestors over an open hearth) are still popular Irish Soul Food favourites today at home and abroad. 

Steeped in history and with regional connections, let's take a step back in time for a taste of Ireland by way of some Irish soul food for #IrishHeritageMonth.

Irish Soda Bread

Soda bread – the staple of the people in rural Ireland especially (where yeast was hard to come by) is still a top favourite on this island today. 

How soda bread was baked in an Oven Pot in days gone by.


Mash potato with greens mixed in was so popular, it even had its own night named after it – "Colcannon Night".   

Colcannon Recipe


Irish Potato Bread

Irish Boxty Bread

Boxty was a popular dish in the Northwest of Ireland. 

If Boxty was handed down in your family, the nuances of the recipe or what it was called could help you narrow down your search to a specific county (or part of Donegal, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Cavan, Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon or Longford). In the district of Tyrrelspass in Co. Westmeath Boxty Bread was known as Rasp

With grated raw potatoes, flour and salt as its base, it was prepared in three ways: Boxty Dumplings (boiled), Pan Boxty (fried / griddle), and Boxty Bread (baked). Mashed potatoes were included for pan and baked boxty.

Boxty Bread aka Boxty Loaf was baked in a pot oven the same way Soda Bread was. Currants, raisins, and carraway seeds were sometimes added. Prepared the night before, the boxty loaf would be cut into slices the following morning and warmed on the pan (with some lard) for breakfast. 

Irish Barmbrack

This substantial cake was considered a meal in itself and was to be expected at any celebration or occasion (with a special twist for Halloween of course). 

And the butter to go with it...

Over to you...

What traditional Irish recipes were handed down or are favourites in your family? 

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