Tuesday, 8 September, 2020
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This month the XO Chronicles Webinar is going on tour! We are partnering with The Great Irish Fair of New York to bring you a Chronicles Webinar specific to New York City

IrelandXO at the 39th Great Irish Fair of New York

On Thursday, September 17th, join us for a LIVE webinar where you will learn all about some interesting historical characters from our New York Irish Diaspora.

We will be using the XO Chronicles to learn about some fascinating Irish New Yorkers, and their connection with Ireland. You will also have the opportunity you to add your own New York connections to the IrelandXO Chronicles and share them on social media so that we can connect across the waves.

The XO Chronicles is a completely free feature on the IrelandXO.com website. It works by enabling all people of Irish ancestry, both in Ireland and around the world, to add to the heritage of every Irish locality by recording what they know about our ancestors, the places they lived in and the events that shaped their lives.

Travel may be off the cards for the moment, but we can still connect with our Global Irish Community and learn about the trials and tribulations which our Ancestors endured in setting up new lives for themselves in NYC.

Location: Any PC or mobile device with an internet connection

Date: Thursday, 17th September

Irish Time: 9pm - 9:30pm Irish Time

This is a free webinar but spaces are limited so register now!

About The Great Irish Fair of New York

The Great Irish Fair of New York is NYC's largest, longest-running, and most popular Irish Music Festival. In this, it's 39th year, the Fair is going virtual with a large number of events taking place online.

Click here to learn more about The Great Irish Fair of New York and their programme of events.