Tuesday, 15 June, 2021
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IrelandXO members have free access to a lot of features on the IrelandXO website. In order to make sure you know how to get the most out of the website, we have created a series of user video guides which you can find on this page.

How to get the most out of IrelandXO - Video help

Scroll through the videos to find what you are looking for and click on the play button to view the full recording. They are designed to be short and specific. We will be adding more videos all the time, so if you would like to suggest a video regarding how to use the IrelandXO website, please let us know by emailing info@irelandxo.com.

How to sign-up for a free IrelandXO account

IrelandXO is a non-profit organisation and membership is completely free. Make sure you are fully registered by following the steps in this short video.

How to find and join a group on IrelandXO

Did you know there are more than 2,500 individual community groups on IrelandXO! You can join any one that you have a connection or interest in, and as many groups as you like. Find out here how to find and join them.

My IrelandXO Dashboard explained

Every member has their own personalised My IrelandXO dashboard, where all their messages, ancestors and preferences are stored. Make sure you a fully registered and logged in to access your dashboard.

Check back next week for more videos!