Friday, 25 December, 2020
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To help you reconnect and discover more about you Irish family history over the holidays, we bring you a selection of insights to cover every stage of your quest. 


Where do I begin researching my Irish ancestry?

How do I find where my ancestors came from in Ireland?

What Is the best genealogy site for Ireland?


How do I find my ancestor in Irish records?

Can I research Irish births, deaths & marriages online?

What Census years are available in Ireland?


What Irish records can I search for free?

How do I research Ancestors who left before the Great Famine?

Can Irish naming patterns help me get back a generation?


I can't find my ancestor's name... help?

I've hit a brick wall in my research what can I do?

Our local volunteers may have the answer. Go to out IrelandXO Message Board 

How do I find my Irish ancestors for free?

1. Browse our Ancestors database, and

2. Share what you know to make your own ancestor discoverable by other researchers and local volunteers and HERE...

Add an ancestor


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