Royal British Legion announces Republic of Ireland Fund

Wednesday, 1 November, 2017
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Royal British Legion-Republic of Ireland (RBL-ROI) is pleased to announce the establishment of a new fund in the Republic of Ireland. Grants will be made to encourage and support county level initiatives that permanently commemorate the memory of Irish men and
women who died whilst on, or as a result of, active service with the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth or Allied Nations during World Wars 1 and 2.

A ration party of the Royal Irish Rifles in a communication trench during the Battle of the Somme. 1 July 1916

Picture: A ration party of the Royal Irish Rifles in a communication trench during the Battle of the Somme. 1 July 1916

SIZE OF FUND: €550,000

LAUNCH DATE: Summer 2017

MAIN OBJECTS: To encourage the tradition of County Remembrance through community action and to offer tangible assistance to those engaged in remembering Ireland’s fallen.


  • The fund will operate for a 5 year period between 2017-2021. It will overlap and seek to complement the remaining RoI Government Decade of Centenaries programme which aims to enhance understanding of and respect for events of importance among the different commemorative traditions in Ireland.

  • Projects must be located in the RoI and expect to complete by 11 November 2021.

  • Eligible projects will be county based; normally a single grant per county will only be awarded.

  • Grants will be available up to 40% of project costs.

  • In keeping with the ethos of individual remembrance, a verifiable Roll of Honour must form a key part of every project. Funds from the scheme will be granted to defray or offset the costs of inscribing the names of the fallen on a permanent memorial. Where the construction of a county memorial is already advanced, the Board may approve the application of funds to other works directly related to the memorial.

  • Projects must be located in an appropriate public place or provide a minimum of 30 hours of public access including provision for disabled access and offer suitable facilities for public gathering and commemorative activities.

  • Successful applications must include a plan for sustainability for the project after completion. This will normally require evidence of current or imminent support of the local County Council or equivalent.

 Preliminary enquiries regarding grants should be addressed to

About the British Legion

The British Legion was established in Ireland in 1925 by Irish veterans returned from the Great War and for over 90 years it has acted as the principle custodian of Remembrance for Ireland’s fallen of both World Wars. As the Royal British Legion and Poppy Ireland the charity continues to provide care and support to all veterans of the Royal Navy, Army or Royal Air Force and their families in Ireland who are in need and ensures that neither their efforts nor their interests shall be forgotten.
President: Major General The O’Morchoe CB CBE