Thursday, 2 April, 2020
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Looking to stay connected? We've lots of suggestions. Your Irish place of origin needs you!

Stay connected with your Irish place of origin

Our Chronicles are designed to connect people descended from the same place in Ireland by enabling them to share information about their ancestors, the buildings they lived in and the events that shaped their lives.

Stay connected with your Irish county or civil parish diaspora by:

• adding your Irish ancestor(s) to our Ancestor Chronicles​​​​

• uploading a photo of your favourite local places to our Buildings Chronicles (bridges, round towers and landmarks count too)

• sharing your favorite local history discoveries to our Timeline Chronicles

1. Add an Ancestor 

Share who your ancestor was and what was their connection to Ireland.  Connect with other descendants of the same person!

Ancestor Chronicles

2. Add a Building

This can be your own ancestors' homeplace or a community building such as schoolhouse, church or courthouse.

Buidlings Chronicles

3. Add a Timeline

All history is local. From wars to cup finals, from rebellions to fair days, the everyday matters of their community shaped our ancestors' lives.

Timeline Chronicles

Don't forget to share your Chronicles on your Social Media once they have been published!