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Celtic Revival Art Collection

When: Sunday, 9 August, 2015

The museum collection includes embroidered banners designed by Jack B. Yeats and created by the Dun Emer Guild (which included the Yeats sisters), as well as art by Sarah Purser, and Evie Hone.

Loughrea (Galway)

The 100 TO ONE project

When: Monday, 3 August, 2015

To commemorate 100 years since the Easter Rising of 1916 a Galway group are taking a somewhat different angle by celebrating how Galway County has progressed through its people.

Galway Tourism Ireland

ChangeX highlights the work of IrelandXO Volunteers

When: Friday, 10 July, 2015

The Irish Times recently spoke to Christine Timoney who visited Ireland having connected with the Bournea Parish Volunteer, Tim Lee. Tim welcomed Christine to the area and helped her learn more about her ancestors. 

Ireland XO
Bournea Team, Tipperary, Ireland

Catholic Parish Registers Online

When: Wednesday, 8 July, 2015 make available online, for free, records of marriages and baptisms (and some burial records) from the NLI collection. Launching the website today, An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny stated it was an "important day for our country, our people and our soul".

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Wedding Party Ireland

The Economist highlights Ireland Reaching Out's work

When: Friday, 3 July, 2015

Joel Budd from the Economist got in touch with us following the launch of the new website and was very interested in how Ireland Reaching Out is actively engaging with the Irish Diaspora, in a way that is relevant and meaningful to everyone involved.

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The Economist Just 2015