Monday, 31 August, 2020
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Our Irish ancestors were tough. Especially those that survived the Great Hunger of 1845 to 1849. 

XO Chronicles - Great Hunger Survivors

Rather than be weakened by their experiences, many Irish people lived long and prosperous lives. Our members have been sharing stories of their Irish centenarian ancestors, that were born during or before the famine.

Joseph Haire 1841  

From County Monaghan, Joseph emigrated to New York in the 1860s. He was 103 at the time of his first plane flight.

Mary McDonnell 1847 

Fluent in Irish and English, Mary was the last survivor of The Great Hunger when she died in Castlebar, aged 108.

John Dargan 1799

Could a person's life span 3 centuries? John was featured by Ripley's Believe It Or Not as having accomplished this feat. 

Do you know the details of your Irish ancestors who were born before the Great Hunger? Adding their story to the Chronicles of their parish of origin enables us to reconstruct a picture of that place, in a time before extreme hardship resulted in around half of the Irish population dying or emigrating.