News from County Dublin

Dublin Festival of History 2021

When: Wednesday, 1 September, 2021

DUBLIN FESTIVAL OF HISTORY 2021 What does the recent Mother and Baby Homes Report tell us about gender history in Ireland today? Why is Ireland, as a nation, obsessed with death? Why was a statue of Winston Churchill daubed with the word ‘racist’ in London last year? 

Dublin Festival of History 2021

NEW BOOK History of DCU

When: Sunday, 5 July, 2020

On June 25, 2020 Eoin Kinsella's 'Dublin City University 1980 - 2020: Designed to be Different' was launched by Dr Mary Canning, President of the RIA in DCU.

Glasnevin (Dublin)

Ruins of Tara Street Church unearthed

When: Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

A church was first built on the site in 1709 in Penal times when the practice of Catholicism was banned. In spite of the religious restrictions, the chapel flourished and attracted thousands of worshippers.

St Andrews (Dublin)

Chronicles Insight - A True Son of Dublin

When: Friday, 5 July, 2019

Shaw’s parents, George Carr Shaw (1814-1885) and Lucinda Elizabeth Gurly (1830-1913), were of English Protestant descent. Shaw’s father was a notorious drunkard, a fact which prompted his son to adopt a teetotal lifestyle.

George Bernard Shaw

Bequests to Orphan School in St. Catherine's Parish, Dublin

When: Monday, 14 November, 2016

Residents of the parish district, and Institutions are mentioned in these Last Wills. Date [unknown to be determined] Historical summaries from CHARITABLE DONATIONS AND BEQUESTS (IRELAND), concerning St.Catherine's district. The contents of the document itself in whole is quite lengthy, herein extracted from the original compiler [to be determined]. The following individuals and institutions may have had these transactions administered by the Earl of Meath Charitable Loan association of St.Catherine's distict. However details are not presently available to confirm this yet due to the poor quality of the digital conversion. [   ] Brackets have been inserted for the page herein to cover digital conversion flaws by [to be determined]. We beleive the material is now in the public domain. Please inform us of any further information, extracted quote follows:

St Catherines (Dublin)