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IrelandXO Insight - Top FREE Irish Genealogy Resources 2021

When: Thursday, 21 January, 2021

Here, we list the best FREE Irish ancestry websites for the most relevant archives along with the latest free tools and indexes to help you navigate them. To make sense of the records you discover, ask our volunteers by way of our  

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IrelandXO Insights - Top FREE Irish Genealogy Resources 2021

IrelandXO Insight - Irish Famine Resources Revealed

When: Thursday, 12 November, 2020

The initial cause of the Irish Famine was the failure of the potato crop, due to a disease called Blight. However, it was a combination of disastrous political actions and poor social structures that turned the crisis into a tragedy of un-precedented proportions.

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Irish Famine family history resources outside of Ireland

XO Chronicles - Remembering WW1

When: Wednesday, 11 November, 2020

Many more Irish men and women joined the allied forces in the countries they had emigrated to, and thousands, such as Patrick Conheady and Charles Sharpe, gave up their lives in the ensuing battles.

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XO Chronicles - Remembering WW1