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IrelandXO Cook Club - Colcannon

When: Friday, 30 October, 2020

The potato became a staple of the Irish diet soon after Sir Walter Raleigh introduced it to Cork in the late 16th century. As newly harvested potatoes or "new potatoes" were still wet, people preferred to eat them in the form of the mash we know today.

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IrelandXO Cook Club : Colcannon

IrelandXO Cook Club - Barmbrack

When: Sunday, 25 October, 2020

Photo: In 19th-century Ireland, Tea & Barmbrack was considered a "substantial breakfast", a "comfortable meal" and an "abundant repast" for any occasion.

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Remembering our Irish Ancestors

When: Saturday, 24 October, 2020

Samhain, the 3-day Celtic Feast of the Dead, was celebrated in Ireland up until the 14th century when Rome decreed November 1st and 2nd as "holy days of obligation".

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Remembering our Irish Ancestors

Chronicles Challenge Emigrants to Australia

When: Monday, 19 October, 2020

We will focus on those Emigrants who went to Australia. An XOChronicle can be created via an Ancestor profile. A Building profile can be created showing an Ancestor's headstone, or a homestead where they lived before they left Ireland.

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