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How to research ancestors who immigrated during the Irish Famine

When: Friday, 30 September, 2022

The initial cause of the Irish Famine was the failure of the potato crop, due to a disease called Blight. However, it was a combination of disastrous political actions and poor social structures that turned the crisis into a tragedy of un-precedented proportions.

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Irish Famine family history resources outside of Ireland

The most common Irish last names per county

When: Saturday, 24 September, 2022

Having evolved over the centuries to be the surnames we recognise today, Irish last names have a rich and vibrant history. In early times, when Ireland had a much smaller population and mass movement of people was uncommon, it was not unusual for people to be known by only one name. However, as t

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The most popular last names for every county of Ireland

IrelandXO Insight - What is a townland?

When: Wednesday, 14 September, 2022

Gaelic in origin, an baile fearainn (baile = home/town fearann= land/territory) aka town-land pre-dates the Norman invasion and is the smallest territorial unit to have survived since medieval times. 

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IrelandXO Insight - What is a townland? Find my Townland.

Summer 2022 - Meet and Greets

When: Friday, 2 September, 2022

Finding out where in Ireland you come from is not the end of the story but rather the beginning of a new relationship with the town/village your ancestors once lived in.

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Ireland Reaching Out - Meet and Greet Programme

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