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Back in the year 1885 there was a national school in the town of Donaghmore but they converted that into a heritage center more recently. They kept old books, stationary and artifacts of the old school and put it up for the tourists to look at them. Just last year the Brewer's house is a pub near the town square, a good place for food and for socializing. In the town is a High Cross which resembles Christianity. It was first erected in the 10th century. It remained a cross up until the 1800s but it was attacked due to opposition, but re installed 100 years later. A drama festival was first staged in 1982. It does plays from the local community. Most recent acts that were staged was High School Musical, Buddy Holly and Jesus Christ Superstar.


In 2001 there was a population of 947.  The 1821 - 1851 census were almost all destroyed by fire.  The 1861 - 1891 census were destroyed by the Government.  Full details of the 1901 - 1911 census are availavle free of charge on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.


In the war of 1641 an elegant cross of freestone with various passages in the Scriptures inscribed on it  was mutilated where it remained until 1776, when Richard Vincent Esq., had it removed and placed at the head of the village where it still stands today.  There was an important military station on Donaghmore and with it been frequently mentioned in the rebellions of the O'Nial's and the O'Donnel's.  A cattle, sheep and pig fair was held on the first Tuesday in every month.  A court was held on the first Monday of every month to recover debts under ?5.

There were seven schools where 870 pupils attended and later an infant's school was established where about 70 children attended.  There were two private schools wehre about 50 boys and girls were educated.

Parish(es) Donaghmore (Tyrone)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation Tourist Attraction