The Biddy Early Brewery INAGH


Biddy Early (c1798 – 1872) was a traditional Irish herbalist who helped her neighbours with "cures" . She acted against the wishes of the local tenant farmer landlords and Catholic priests and was accused of witchcraft.  

Her legacy has survived by way of the strong oral tradition in Co. Clare. Lady Gregory went on to compile a valuable collection of Biddy Early stories 20 years after her death. 



The Biddy Early Brewery, Ireland's first Pub Brewery, opened in 1995 and showcased the traditional Irish art of brewing beer. A variety of beers were produced here using natural ingredients. The visitors' centre explained the association with Biddy Early.

The Pub has since sold, and the brewing is on hiatus.


Address Inagh, Ennis, Co. Clare
Parish(es) Inagh (Clare)
Category (ies) Tourist Attraction