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The Irish Emigrant's Guide for the United States | Rev. J O'Hanlon (1851)

"The Irish Emigrant's Guide for the United States"  offers great insight into what it was like for our Irish ancestors who came to America in the mid 19th century. 


This guide was an essential practical source for those emigrating to America, and contains useful tips for emigrating to the US such as

  • how to survive the trans-Atlantic crossing,
  • securing employment on arrival,
  • farming, notes on the climate and condition of the land including prices and also general expenses.
  • tips on travelling once you have arrived
  • notes on the history of the country
  • brief notes on each individual state
  • a copy of the American Constitution
  • general advice and observations on the people
  • notes on naturalization and citizenship
  • an alphabetical list of the trans-Atlantic steamers
  • details of the pricing, ports of departure and arrival.


This wonderful 224-page book (published in 1851) can be downloaded FREE from Google books.

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