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In memory of the famous Boulerea Water Scheme of the early 1970s

Composed by William (Billy) O'Dwyer,

Gortnaskehy, Roscrea, County Tipperary

The Boulerea Water Scheme.

I am a poor farmer and I'm getting it tough,
Because water for cattle sure I can't get enough,
The cows have gone dry and the hens they won't lay,
Because they haven't had water for many a day.

The Boulerea scheme was just a pipe dream,
As a wise man once said things are not as they seem,
That lovely piped water was a blessing untold,
'Till it vanished from sight like the leprechaun's gold.

The scheme it was started by Muintir na Tire,
Who promised them water in less than a year,
They held many meetings both eager and large,
And assigned to each farmer a separate charge.

There were Byrne's and Sheedy's and Moynahans too,
Who sold his ten Bonham's to pay what was due,
There were Bergin's and Larkin's and Nolan's no doubt,
Who spent years drawing water with an ass from the spout.

They went to George Davis and asked for a well,
But George in his wisdom soon pitched them to hell,
Saying I'd look such a fool dragging buckets all day,
To their taps and their ballcock's all around Boulerea.

The committee members were feeling quite sore,
If we can't get a well now we'll just have to bore,
But we'll have to get further subscriptions for that,
So sadly once more they went 'round with the hat.

To conserve their resources they finally planned,
To dig trenches for piping through everyone's land
They all eagerly worked the job to complete,
Except for Jerry Maher who was tilling for wheat.

At last it was finished or as you would think,
And some drew the grant for a second hand sink,
They had bathrooms and toilets hot water and cold,
They were praised on TV for a venture so bold.

Now this water scheme worked quite exceedingly well,
'Till late in the Autumn there came a dry spell,
There was trouble and strife all around Boulerea,
For they had not what water would make them their tae.

Once more they collected their full labour force,
To tackle the problem right there at it's source,
They pulled up the piping and found out the worse,
That right at the foot valve the wavin had burst.

And there we must leave them for the moment at least,
With the Boulerea water it's a famine or feast,
No doubt they'll come up with some elegant plan,
To provide further water for both cattle and man.

Now to all you poor farmers this advice i will tell,
If you want lots of water you must dig your own well,
Depending on schemes you could look like a fool,
When drawing water with a trailer from Shanakill school.


Parish(es) Bournea (Tipperary)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Tourist Attraction