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The civil parish of Clonturk is in the barony of Coolock, in north Co. Dublin and covers an area of 5.0 km².  It encompases the areas of Drumcondra, FairviewMarino (seat of the Earl of Charlemont) and Donnycarney.


Clonturk parish comprises the townlands of  Clonturk aka Cluain Torc; Drumcondra aka Droim Conrach; Ballybough aka An Baile Bocht; RichmondGoosegreen aka Faiche na Gé;  Drishogue aka Driseog;  MarinoDonnycarney aka Domhnach Cearna.


The village of Drumcondra was the central area of the Parish of Clonturk, and the two names were used equally for the religious and civil parishes (note: the new suburban district of Drumcondra now also encompasses the old Parish of St. Mary).

See also FairviewMarino and Donnycarney.



Clonturk features the following houses of the gentry (see links for their current use today):

Belvedere House (aka the President's House in St Patrick's College of Education)

Drumcondra House built in 1726 (aka All Hallows College since 1842)

Drumcondra Castle built in 1560  (aka St Joseph's School for Blind Boys since 1870, now ChildVision)

Hampton Lodge  (aka Carmelite Monastery of the Incarnation since 1858)

High Park of G. Gray, Esq. (aka High Park Convent, Gracepark Road - a Magdalen Laundry)

Hartfield House, of P. Twigg, Esq. (aka Doctor Lynch's Asylum)

Richmond Castle, of A. Williams, Esq. ;

Richmond House, of P. Birch, Esq. ;

Larkhill House aka Mary Ville (Maryville / Clonturk Cottage) of J. J. Finn, Esq. ;

Holy Cross College (also known as Clonliffe College) was founded in 1854 as the Catholic diocesan seminary for Dublin.



There are a number of small burial places in the Drumcondra area




The MLHS (Marino Local History Society) is a dedicated on-line historical society supporting the Irish diaspora worldwide. It covers Fairview, Drumcondra, Ballybough, and Clontarf.



Glasnevin; Santry;   Artane;  Killester

St. Georges; St. Thomas

Address Dublin 9, Ireland
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Parish(es) Clonturk (Dublin)
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