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Elphin Windmill is  a rare piece of Irish industrial architectural heritage. Built in 1740,  is the only fully restored windmill in the west of Ireland. The mill was originally used for grinding corn and other grains and now houses a visitor centre where the workings of the windmill are interpreted and demonstrated. Also on site is an agricultural museum housing a threshing machine, a winnower and other machinery associated with the harvesting of grain.


Address Windmill Road, Elphin, Co. Roscommon
Phone +353 83 4062113
Parish(es) Killummod (Roscommon) Killukin (Roscommon) Estersnow (Roscommon) Boyle (Roscommon) Kiltoghert (Leitrim) Elphin (Roscommon) Creeve (Roscommon) Kilcolagh (Roscommon) Tibohine (Roscommon) Tumna (Roscommon)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Tourist Attraction