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Voted the second most beautiful lighthouse in the world.

It’s easy to recognize the main attraction on this peninsula, that being Fanad Head Lighthouse, which was conceived as essential to seafarers following a tragedy over 200 years ago. In December 1811, the frigate Saldanha sought shelter from a storm, heading towards Fanad as it frantically fought the raging wind and waves. Sadly, reaching shore safely never happened, and the ship was wrecked off the northern coast – its only survivor was the ship’s parrot.

Soon after, the Fanad Head Lighthouse was built to help guide ships and sailors safely on their journeys. It’s still there today, standing on a rocky outcrop blinking out to sea. It has now been developed into a visitors centre with accommodation.

Fanad Head lighthouse sits on the western shore of the Peninsula and was voted the world's 2nd most beautiful lighthouse after Lindau Lighthouse in Germany by Metal Floss in 2013. The Lighthouse is the second most Northerly lighthouse in the Republic of Ireland and locals say that Fanad Head lighthouse is slightly higher than the Eiffel Tower, however, I think it all depends on the wind on the day!  

A Green light for Fanad Lighthouse!

Finally, after many obstacles along the way, Fanad lighthouse has been signed over to the Fanad community by the Commissioners of Irish Lights and has opened its doors to the public. 

Visitors will finally have the opportunity to visit the building, to learn about the science of lighthouses, to hear stories about light-keepers in days gone by, and, not for the fainthearted, to climb to the top of the tower for spectacular views of land and sea.

There are 3 accommodation units to let within the complex, each one named after another lighthouse visible from it, Tory, Inishtrahull and Dunree. All have been finished to an extremely high standard and accommodate 4,4 and 2 people respectively.

Already there is great demand for this very special opportunity. Tripadvisor Reveiws - Fanad Head Lighthouse



Aerial Drone Photography - Fanad Head Lighthouse

Aerial Drone Photography - Fanad Head Lighthouse, Donegal April 2016 

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Fanad Head Lighthouse - Drone

Quick flight footage from our holiday - Fanad Lighthouse with its breath taking scenery and rugged landscape. 

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Fanad Head Lighthouse on the Fanad Peninsula

An abseil from the walkway along the top of the lighthouse for the television cameras with Fáilte Ireland

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Great Lighthouses of Ireland

Commissioner of Irish Lights



History of Fanad Head Lighthouse: XO Chronicles Buildings - Parish of Clondavaddog


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