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How to link in with your ancestral County / Parish Community and Message Board depending on what you know...



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1: My ancestor was from County Cavan (that's all I know)

  • Ask our local volunteers on the CAVAN MESSAGE BOARD to discover more.

  • You can later EDIT your Ancestor Chronicle to LINK them to their Parish of origin as you learn more.

2: My ancestor was from Cavan Town (not sure where exactly)

3: Which Parish? For a TOWN / VILLAGE in Co. Cavan (click link)

  • Cavan (civil parish of Urney) aka An Cabhán

  • Belturbet (civil parishes of Annagh and Drumlane) aka Bealturbet aka Béal Tairbirt

  • Arvagh (civil parish of Killashandra) aka Arvagh beg aka Airbheach aka Ármhach

  • Bailieborough aka Kilkannagh aka Killechally aka Killkelly aka Coill an Chollaigh

  • Ballyconnell (civil parish of Tomregan) aka Bellaconnell aka Beallaconnell aka Ballaconally aka Béal Átha Conaill

  • Ballyhaise (civil parish of Castleterra) aka Beal atha Hayes aka Ballyhays aka Ballyhaies aka Ballyhayes aka Béal Átha hÉis

  • Ballyjamesduff (civil parishes of Castlerahan and Denn) aka Bally James Doogh aka Black James Town aka Baile Shéamais Dhuibh

  • Cootehill (civil parish of Drumgoon) aka Coote Hill aka Munilly aka Monelly, aka Muinchille

  • Killashandra aka Killesandra aka Killshandragh aka Killishandra aka Cill na Seanrátha

  • Kingscourt (civil parish of Enniskeen) aka Dún an Rí

  • Stradone (civil parish of Larah) aka Shraghadoone aka Shrahadone aka aka Sraith an Domhain

  • Virginia (civil parish of Lurgan) aka Aghanure aka Virginiatowne aka Virginia & Clanmore aka Achadh an Iúir

  • Ballinagh (civil parish of Kilmore) aka Ballynaght aka Ballinanaght aka Billinaugh aka Belanenagh aka Bellananagh aka Béal Átha na nEach

  • Shercock aka Syrecock aka Sharcock aka Charcock aka Shercocke aka Searcóg

  • Crossdoney (civil parish of Kilmore) aka Crossdony aka Crosdoney aka Cros Domhnaigh

  • Mount Nugent (civil parish of Kilbride) aka Mountnugent aka Dunnullahann aka Droichead Uí Dhálaigh

  • Scrabby aka An Screabach

  • Mullagh aka Mulla aka Mullogh aka An Mullach

  • Butler's Bridge (civil parish of Castleterra) aka Butlersbridge aka Droichead an Bhuitléaraigh

  • Swanlinbar (civil parish of Kinawle) aka Swanlibar aka Swadlinbar aka An Muileann Iarainn

4: Which Parish? For any Cavan placename. 

  • FASTEST: Google "civil parish" along with your placename. (No result? The spelling has changed)

  • MORE OPTIONS: Search the Placenames Database of Ireland


Parish(es) Urney (Cavan) Annagh (Cavan) Drumlane (Cavan) Killashandra (Cavan) Bailieborough (Cavan) Tomregan (Cavan) Castleterra (Cavan) Castlerahan (Cavan) Denn (Cavan) Drumgoon (Cavan) Enniskeen (Cavan) Larah (Cavan) Lurgan (Cavan) Kilmore (Cavan) Shercock (Cavan) Kilbride (Cavan) Scrabby (Cavan) Mullagh (Cavan) Kinawley (Cavan)
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