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How to link in with your ancestral County / Parish Community and Message Board depending on what you know...



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1: My ancestor was from County Sligo (that's all I know)

  • Ask our local volunteers on the SLIGO MESSAGE BOARD to discover more.

  • Then EDIT your Ancestor Chronicle to LINK them to their Parish to discover even more.

2: My ancestor was from Sligo Town (not sure where exactly)

3: Which Parish? For a TOWN / VILLAGE in Co. Sligo (click link)

  • Ballymote (civil parish of Emlaghfad) aka Ballymoat, Ballymote, Bally-mote.

  • Collooney (civil parish of Ballysadare) aka Coolonney, Cooloony, Colonney, Coloony, Coloin, Cowlewony, Coulvony, Cowlwony, Cowloony, Coolvony, Colmonye, Cowlemony, Cowle Ownye, Cowlowny, Colloony, Cullooney, Kaolmony, Koalmonie.

  • Coolaney (civil parish of Killoran) aka Coollany, Coolany, Coolaney, Cool-aney, Coolany, Cuil Ainne.

  • Dromore West (civil parish of Kilmacshalgan) aka Dromore, Drum mór.

  • Ballysadere aka Ballysadare, Ballisadare, Ballisdare, Ballisodar, Balliassadar, Balesdara, Ballishandra, Ballyassedary, Balliassedare, Ballyassedarry, Balleassadara, Ballisadar, Ballysadora, Ballissadar, Bally Assardarra, Ballyassadarra, Estdara, Astara, Asdara, Easdara, Esdara, baile eassa dara, Beate Marie de Asdara, Cloonice, Cloony, Clunee & Carrowmore, Kilsandaragh, Killasandaragh, 

  • Tobercurry aka Tubbercorry,  Tobbercorry, Tobercurry, Toberecorra, Tobar a choire, Tubercory.

  • Ardnaree (now Ballina Co. Mayo) aka Ardnereth, Ardnareth, Aird na riadh, Ard na Riag, Ardnariad, Arnaroye, Arnarye, Arnare, Armory, Ardnehy, Arduary, Ardnerey, Ardenery, Ardnarie, Ardree, Ardnaroe, Ardnery and Ardglas; aka Collinusuanig; aka Shanahy, Shanagh, Shanaghy, Shanaghee; aka Tyromoy, Tyrremoy, Tirerogh. 

  • Easky aka EaskeyEaske, Eyky, Eskagh,  Esskagh, Iasgor.

  • Grange (civil parish of Ahamlish) aka Gráinsigh.

  • Riverstown (civil parish of Kilmacallan) aka Ballyedderdaowen, Ballydrouen, Ballydrown.

4: Which Parish? For any Sligo placename. 

  • FASTEST: Google "civil parish" along with your placename. (No result? The spelling has changed)

  • MORE OPTIONS: Search the Placenames Database of Ireland


County Sligo, Ireland
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