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Ballymoney is a parish in Coleraine with 11,579 inhabitants.  A new road has been opened across the Garry bog leading to Ballycastle and the Giant's Causeway and a bridge has been erected over the river Bann at Agivey opening a direct link with the county and city of Derry.

Races were held here and were in high repute but they have ben discontinued for some years and a steeple chase for a gold cup has been substituted which takes place in the middle of December.

The linen market has long been established and is of superior quality, about 15,000 to 20,000 double pieces are sold annually and on the first Thursday of every month almost all of the linen is sold primarily for the London market.  The gain market was first established in 1820 but languished for a time and was discontinued, in 1831 it was revived.  The market was stablished  about 1790 and has gradually increased.

There are industries for soap, candle and tobacco, a tanyard and a large brewery in the town.  At Moore Fort about 3 miles away is an extenvise distillary belonging to James Moore from which 50,000 to 60,000 gallons of whiskey are distilled annually.  

The general market is held on Thursdays and fairs are held annually on May 6th, July 10th and October 10th. The manorial court is held on the first Friday of every month.  The court-house is is situated in the centre of the town and the bridwell, recently built contains 7 cells with day rooms and airing-yards and appartments for the keeper.

The soil is fertile and agriculture has greatly improved.  The main crops are barley and oats.

In 1813 a school was established by the trustees of Erasmus Smith fund for the education of the poor.  About 200 boys and 100 girls attend several school in the area and there are 13 private schools were about 800 boys and 200 girls are educated.  


In the 2001 census there was a population of 9,021.

The 1821 ? 1851 census returns were almost all destroyed in a fire, the 1861 ? 1891 census returns were destroyed by the government.  The 1901 ? 1911 census returns are available on line free of charge on the National Archives of Ireland website.

Parish(es) Ballymoney (Antrim)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture