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1. BOURNEY (also spelled Bounea or Bourchin) in 1837.
A parish, in the Barony of Ikerrin, county of Tipperary, 4 1/2 miles S.E. from Rosecrea; containing 4061 inhabitants. This parish is situated between the mail coach road from Dublin to Limerick, and the public road from Rosecrea to Templemore; and comprises more than 9700 statute acres. The rivers Nore and Suir have their rise here in the side of the mountain of Benduff. their respective sources not being more than 1/2 mile distant from each other. The Noir peruses nearly a direct course through this parish and Corbally into Burris-in-Ossary; the Suir forms the southern boundary of this parish.


Dangan Lodge is the seat of J. Middleton, Esq.; Derrylahan, of J. Mason, Esq.; Mount Fresco, of Horatio Lloyd, Esq.; and Lorn Park, of G. Roe, Esq. Here is a station of the constabulary police. The living is a vicarage, in the Diocese of Killaloe, to which the rectory and vicarage of Burrisnefarney were united by act of council, forming the union of Bourney, in the patronage of the Bishop; the rectory is impropriate in the Marchess of Ormonde. The tithes amount to 550 of which 350 is payable to the impropriator, and 200 to the vicar; and the gross tithes of the union payable to the incumbent amount to 384.12.4.

The church is a plain building, for the repairs of which the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have recently granted 246.8.9. The glebe-house was built by aid of a gift of 350 and a loan of 450, in 1814, from the late Board of First Fruits: the glebe comprises about six acres in four detached portions in this parish. In the R.C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, which comprises also the parishes of Burrisnefarney and Corbally, and contains four chapels, all neat buildings, of which the principal is situated at Clonakenny, in this parish.

There is a place of worship for the Society of Friends at Knockbally Meagher. The parochial schools afford instruction to about 40 boys and 40 girls; and there are also four private pay schools, in which are about 170 children. At Boulebane, Bawnmadrum, and Clonakenny are considerable remains of ancient castles; the first two are situated on an eminence very near each other. 

In Penal times Roscrea and Kyle Clonfert Molua went together, as did Corbally and Bourney. There was no parish of Kyle and Knock. In 1846, after the January 8th death of Fr. Peter CLEARY P.P of the two parishes of Bourney and Corbally both parishes were dismembered. Bourney parish was divided and greatly reduced in size and Roscrea enlarged and the "new" parish of Kyle & Knock was created. It is said this was at the instance of Revd. Dr. Blake, PP Roscrea. It is possible that the decision and enlargement of Roscrea parish then effected was with a view to aiding the erection of the new church in Roscrea, which began in 1844.

On April 30, 2002 while reading the film of the parish register at the National Library, Dublin I read this telling entry dated May 5, 1839: "Rev. T. Blake was removed to Roscrea and was succeeded by Rev. Peter Cleary, after whose death Wm. Blake removed the 3/4 of the parish with him!" The hand writing of this note was written very heavily and the exclamation point was clearly reflective of a "pissed-off" person (I don't think he was playing with the dandelions!!). Also it was not the same as Rev. Cleary and I suspect that it may have been written by the Rev. John O'Meaea because he was the previously chronically ordered PP in the register. It seems that Fr. Blake was not too popular with his contemporaries!

BLAKE, Thomas. Died August 10, 1865. Was born Dec 16, 1801 in Birr and his father was a member of the chapel committee. Thomas was ordained in Maynooth in 1825. Served in Birr, Dunkerrin and Roscrea before appointed PP of Borrisokane in 1829. Later he was in Bournea and transferred to Roscrea in 1837. Buried in Roscrea Church. Blake replaced Fr. Michael Crotty as P.P. of Birr in 1825 due to the Schism at Birr mostly caused by Crotty (1821-25). Peter Curtin was also a Curate at Birr with Blake. Blake was transferred to Dunkerrin before the end of 1826. As P.P. of Roscrea from 1837 to 18.., Blake was directly involved with St. Bridget's Convent, Mt. St. Joseph, Roscrea, a girls boarding school. After the death of Fr. Peter Cleary Jan 8, 1846 P.P. of Bourney, Blake apparently insisted on the changes to parish redistricting of Bourney, Corbally, Kyle, Knock, and Roscrea. It may have been due to his need of funds for construction of a new chapel at Roscrea.

CLEARY, Peter. Died Jan 8, 1846 age 47. "Thursday evening as he was proceeding from Shinbone to his residence at Bournea, near Roscrea." He was the eldest of three brothers, (Peter, Daniel d. 1870 & Francis d. 1873) all of whom are devoted to the Sanctuary, and two sisters, one of whom is a respected member of the Sisters of Mercy Convent at Birr. He studied in the 1820s in St. Patrick's College, Carlow College (TC Jan 10, 1946). He was PP of Kilcolman from about 1830-1839, then transferred to Bournea. Plaque in Couraganeen church. He was the last PP of the "old" Bourney parish. After he died Bourney parish was greatly reduced in size and Roscrea enlarged and the "new" parish of Kyle & Knock was created.

O'MEARA, John. Died 1845, Dec 5 of fever. Was curate in Dunkerrin and Silvermines in the 1830s; PP of Bourney 1839-1842; PP Shinrone 1842-45. "He had been for many years in the early commencement of his labours an active and zealous missionary in America." (Tipperary Vindicator of 6 Dec 1845). A Wall plaque in Shinrone church has an incorrect month of death.

Bourney and Corbally were two separate parishes. Bourney Parish had two churches, Clonakenny and Couraganeen. Clonakenny St. Brigid. There is a wooden "Mission Cross" here. Dedicated June 18, 1899 by Bishop McRedmond. Rectangular, belfry. Funds were raised by holding a series of entertainments, first held in Tulla and organized by Fr. Michael B. Curry. On the narrow winding road that leads to the priest's house and further on to St. Bridgit's, there is a stone Church of Ireland, called St. Cronan's, same as the one in Roscrea. It seems to be a mission of that church but has a cemetery around it and it is worth pursuing. There are both Catholic and Protestants buried there, divided by the path in the middle.

COURAGANEEN. A church built in 1812 and once a Catholic parish. The Catholic Parish of Couraganeen consisted of the Civil Parish of Bourney, Borrisnafarney and Corbally. It was a large cruciform building, with a frontage modeled on the Romanesque west front of St. Cronan's, Roscrea. Maurice Craig noted that Couraganeen church "is clearly and most exceptionally for its date, modeled on the Romanesque West front of the 12th Century St. Cronan's, Roscrea. The new church was dedicated in 1982 is named St. Patrick's. Bourney Church is the Church of Ireland church in Ballyhenry townland, but the cemetery is divided into Church of Ireland and Catholic sides, and Catholics are still being buried there. About 1/4 mile to the south of Couraganeen church and on the West Side of the road is another cemetery for the church.

Baptism and Marriage Registers: Bourney. Baptisms from July 1836. Marriages from June 1836. The baptisms are poorly recorded and difficult to decipher form April 1872 to May 1875. There are gaps in the marriage register from Feb 1870 to Feb 1871 and again from Nov 1872 to Feb 1874. Has the following historical notes: List of parish priests 1770s-1839; 1896-1985. List of curates 1837-1985. Accounting of building of Clonakenny church. Breakdown of parochial receipts for 1837-38. Details of marriage fees in mid 19th century. Two pages listing parishioners who died between Jan 1839 and Nov 1840 including their ages and ailments from which they died.

National Library, Dublin. 1836-

66 – Films of Bourney and Corbally parish. film P 2478: Diocese of Killaloe, Parish of Bourney & Corbally, Baptisms 10 July 1836 - 4 Aug 1866. Marriages 28 June 1836 - 1 Dec 1866. Rev Thomas BLAKE PP, Rev Eugene MALONE and Rev Martin CORBETT[?] CC. There were 2 films from that parish, there could be four registers prior to 1846, for the 4 churches of Clonakenny, Couraganeen, Knock and Kyle. These are the churches that made up the area that was the parish of Bourney and Corbally: Clonakenny and Couraganeen churches were part of Bourney parish; Knock and Camblin churches were part of Corbally; the church of Camblin was added to Roscrea parish; the church of Knock was added to Kyle parish and then Kyle was taken from Roscrea.

Also, Title: List of Irish Catholic Church records filmed in the National Library of Ireland. Notes: Typescript. Lists the dioceses, parishes, record types and dates covered. Subjects: Ireland - Church directories; Ireland - Church records. Call Number Location: 941.5 K22r FHL BRITISH Book. 941.5 K22r FHL BRITISH Reference. Format: Manuscript (With Film) Physical: ca. 200 leaves. Also on microfilm. Salt Lake City: FHL BRITISH Film 990442 Item 12.

2. Corbally Parish had two churches; Knock and Camblin. Knock (Kyle & Knock). The old church of Knock was taken down and a new church built. First stone of new church was laid August 8, 1877. Site given by Captain Gibson together with the use of a quarry and buildings soil. The church of Knock was added to Kyle parish.


Camblin (Roscrea). Date of building is uncertain (1821-25?). Gleeson (Ely O'Carroll, p 420) says early 19th century. While it may have been as late as 1830, an earlier date is more likely. When built, it was in the parish of Bourney & Corbally. Camblin was added to Roscrea parish. Corbally parish was divided into 3 parts of which the largest was united to Roscrea, the 2d consisting of the two townlands of Aghsmear and Lismackin remained with Bourney, and the remainder was joined to the old parish of Kyle to make up the new parish of Kyle & Knock. Corbally parish merged into Bourney parish, then the separate parishes of Bourney and Corbally merged into the single parish of "Bourney & Corbally"

The new parish of Kyle & Knock.Kyle parish was then taken from Roscrea and joined to the severed Knock portion of Bournea, and with the addition of Knock church from Corbally parish. Bournea itself was divided, one townland (Boula) going to Roscrea, and others to Kyle & Knock.

Baptism and Marriage Registers Kyle & Knock. Baptisms from Jan 26 1845. Marriages from Feb 15, 1846. The registers contain a few entries by parish priest noting the dates of their appointments. Also notes by Fr. John Gleeson PP about renovations in the churches.

Under "Church records" for Roscrea at the FHL: FHL BRITISH Film 979696 Item 1. Title: Parish registers, 1810-1832. Authors: Catholic Church. Parish Church of Roscrea and Kyle (Main Author). Notes: Handwritten. Microfilm of original records. Includes baptisms and marriages, 1810-1832. The Catholic parish of Roscrea and Kyle contains part of the civil parishes of Roscrea and Kyle. Subjects: Ireland, Tipperary, Roscrea - Church records. Ireland, Leix, Kyle - Church records. Publication: Dublin : Memo, 1975. Physical: on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm.

Ed Madden, Vancouver, WA - USAClonakenny Church

Bournea, Co. Tipperary
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