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Independence Museum Kilmurry is the only museum focused on the War of Independence in Cork.  Many major events of the War of Independence and the Civil War happened near Kilmurry. The museum displays weapons and everyday items used by members of this local community- ordinary people who did extraordinary things that led to the birth of the nation and Irish independence.  The museum sets the scene for the War of Independence and the Civil War in Munster. Three of the most important ambush sites are nearby.  Kilmichael  is just a twenty minute drive away and Crossbarry a similar distance towards Bandon.  Just a five minute drive away, is Beal Na Blath where Michael Collins was killed in 1922. Everyone of Irish heritage needs to hear all of these fabulous stories brought to life by the museum, as they are part of our unique DNA and must not be forgotten.

Kilmurry Independence Museum

Independence Museum Kilmurry was opened by President Higgins in August 2016. It replaced the Terence MacSwiney Memorial Museum, one of the first local history museums opened after the formation of the Irish state. A friendly guide will show you around and tell you the stories that bring this period of our history to life.

Hundreds of artefacts representing the experiences of people from all sides of life- from poor tenant farmers and labourers to the landlords in the big houses in this parish in the heart of County Cork help to tell the story of the struggle for Irish Independence.  Like most of the country, Kilmurry suffered hardship during the Great Famine of the 1840’s. It also witnessed tensions in the unsuccessful attempts to achieve Irish independence from British control during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The museum shows how the cultural revival during the 17th and 18th centuries in which Gaelic, culture and sport helped inspire the revolution that would secure Irish freedom.  Independence Museum Kilmurry has many items relating to iconic individuals with local connections such as Terence MacSwiney, Lord Mayor of Cork, who died on hunger strike in 1920 and Kathleen the widow of Michael O’Callaghan the murdered Lord Mayor of Limerick, who went to become one of the first female members of Dail Eireann.

Terence McSwineyWhy not make Independence Museum Kilmurry your starting point for a great family day out. Enjoy breath-taking views or stretch your legs with a walk or a picnic in Warrenscourt Woods.  Visit the Gearagh one of the last remaining ancient oak forests in Europe. Independence Museum Kilmurry showcases some amazing archaeology such as the ringfort at Gurranes, Kilcrea Friary, MacSwiney and MacCarthy Castles. Guided field trips to such sites take place in the summer.  Wide ranging lectures and events take place throughout the year. All details are on our website.

Given the close links with Terence MacSwiney, the Kilmurry Historical and Archaeological Association hold a Terence MacSwiney Weekend in October. This year it is on the 19th - 21st of October, on the writings of Terence MacSwiney.

Address Kilmurry, Co. Cork, Ireland P14 R940
Phone + 353 (0)21 7336932
Parish(es) Kilmurry (Cork)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation Tourist Attraction