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These 2 books go hand in hand and are a wealth of history about the town of Youghal Co Cork.  Both were first published in 1879 and 1896 respectively. Both books have been reprinted and are a treasure to own.

Memorials of Youghal include:   The history and antiquities of St. Mary's Collegiate Church
Hand-Book of Youghal include:  Historical Annals of the town
                                                   The College
                                                   Sir Walter Raleigh's House
                                                   Franciscan and Dominican Friaries
                                                   The Templars' House at Rhincrew
                                                   The Monastery of St. John's
                                                   The '98 Rebellion and The Fenian Rising



Address W.G. Field 60 North Main Street Youghal Co Cork
Phone 024 92474
Parish(es) Youghal (Cork)
Category (ies) Media: Book Heritage/Culture