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Morahan’s Bar offers an authentic Irish Bar experience, through unselfconscious hospitality and gentle charm that hails from an older, less busy era.

Drop in for a pint by the fire and a chat by the bar, we look forward to seeing you.


In the town of Ballinagare, Co Roscommon on the main Dublin to Westport Rd, the bar has been in the same family since 1641.​

Oldest Pub

A lot of Irish pubs lay claim to being the oldest in the country, but few if any can prove it.  There has been a bar trading under the Morahan name in Ballinagare since at least 1641. The Morahan family are one of the oldest in Ballinagare with wedding records dating back to 1792 and gravestones back to the 1750s. There are licences on the wall of the bar dated 1841. Perhaps not the oldest pub in the country, but certainly one of the oldest family-run businesses.


Address Ballinagare, Co Roscommon, Ireland
Phone +353 94 9870015
Parish(es) Roscommon Kilcorkey (Roscommon)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Place to eat Tourist Attraction