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No 1 Clonakenny to Borrisnoe Walk = Green

Starting point in Clonakenny village at St Bridget’s Catholic Church and finishing at the Burnt House Borrisnoe.

  1. Clonakenny Roman Catholic Church and Graveyard
    1. The O’Meagher Castle                                                                                        

    2. The Church in the Park

    3. The Old Thatched Village

    4. The Post Office

    5. The Forge

  2. The Irrigation Channel
    1. The Tan Hole – Steel Park

    2. The Standing Stone and Ringforts in Castle Park

  3. Delaunthy’s Cross
    1. Parish Boundary

    2. The Orkneys

  4. Gurteen Cross
    1. The Coach Road

    2. The Mile Stones

  5. Doyle’s Cross
    1. Coolgarran

    2. Garret Mill

    3. The Lime Kilns

    4. The Suir Bridge

  6. Frisco Corner
    1. Mountfrisco

    2. The Lloyd’s

    3. The Ancient Well

  7. The Burnt House
    1. The Wall Oven

    2. The Flax Mill                    

Address Bournea Co Tipperary
Parish(es) Bournea (Tipperary)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation Tourist Attraction