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No 2 Couraguneen Loop Walk = Red

Assembly area at Couraguneen New Church yard

  1. First stop Couraguneen Graveyard (2 Post Offices and Postman’s style)

  2. Lawlor’s House (The College & Ben Lawlor donating the land for the Graveyard)

  3. Wallace’s (President Harry Truman’s Wife was born)

  4. Boulabane School 1926 – 1954?

  5. Old Church (pre-1812)

  6. Boulabane School 1954 – 1982

  7. Cantwell’s Carpentry shop (Dray car)

  8. Julia Ward’s (formerly Cashin’s.  Built on 4 Townlands – Loran, Bawnadrum, Boulabane & Ballinknock)

  9. Bawnadrum Castle Ruins (The Walls of Bawn)

  10. Buggaun Graveyard (In the townsland of Bawnadrum north)

  11. Boulabane Castle Ruins (Locally known as Clarke’s Castle)

  12. Coffey’s Shop (One of many in a rural area no longer seen)

  13. Boulabane School pre-1926 (c1900 – 1926)

  14. Maher’s House (The School Teacher boarded here, she was from Co Laois)

  15. O’ Meara’s House (Home of Fr O’Meara who died 1920)

  16. Last Stop Old Couraguneen Church (Built in 1812 and used for over 170 years up to 1983 when the new church was open)

Curragunneen loop


Address Bournea Co Tipperary
Parish(es) Bournea (Tipperary)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation Tourist Attraction