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There is a wonderful Heritage center that can help a stranger with advice on local church records going back to the 1700's.

When on the main street you will see the 150 year old church still being used. On the opposite side of the street there is another road(I believe it is called River Road) As you start down this street, just on your right in a courtyard you will notice an even older church. It is now the local library and heritage center. There you will find upstairs the location of their great heritage center with computers they can use to help one find church records. Next to this old church you will be able to visit the original graveyard with many, many very old stones. They have a file prepared by researchers who studied each stone and documented the wording of each stone, which can be very hard to make out without a lot of hard work and tools.

I was able to find the stone of a long gone family member who died in 1827, whose stone engraving is nearly unreadable to the eye. I was so impressed with my visit and the friendly help the folks there offered me.

Address River Road Killenaule
Parish(es) Killenaule (Tipperary)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation