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Spa House

The discovery in 1724 of the curative powers of its Spa made Mallow one of the chief holiday resorts in Ireland for the years 1730 - 1810, a period during which 'the Grattans and Ned Lysaghts' of the day proffered snuff boxes, sat at card tables and danced minuets in the evening after drinking the waters.

The water has a mean temperature of 72 Fahrenheit and varies from 72 to 66 according to the season. The clear spring water was considered, in the opinion of eminent medical men, as a blood purifier of no mean quality. The curative season began in April and lasted to October, the general routine being that valetudinarians took the water before breakfast and between mid-day and 5p.m. Not unnaturally, the people of Mallow, finding so unexpected a source of emolument in their midst, began to model themselves on the inhabitants of Bath, to circulate rumours of cures.

Mallow, Co. Cork
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