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St. Baoithin's Roman Catholic church (RC parish of Fairymount aka Tibohine) was built in 1858 (to designs by Weightman, Hadfield and Goldie). It features 4 stained glass windows; St Asicus, St Baithen and 2 very small decorative windows, attributed to Dublin's Mosaic and stained glass artist, Ethel Rhind (1878-1952). The church is named after Saint Baoithin (Naomh Baoithín) of Airteach who also lends his name to this area. Tí Bhaoithín was  frequently mentioned in the Book of Lecan, Book of Armagh and the Annals.

"St. Patrick came to the present place called Tibohine from Moylurg. He was proceeding north through Maigh Loirg when his horses were stolen from his camp at Eas na Erc. He came to his friends in Airteach for fresh horses and to the present place called Baethín. Here, he founded a church which later came to be known as Domus Baethini – Tí Bhaoithín, which gave its name to the parish. Local tradition held that Baothín was with St. Patrick, but Tíreachán (in the Book of Armagh) states that Baethín, grandson of Enda of Airteach, inherited (spiritual) this church a century later. In the Tripartite Baethin is given as a contemporary of St. Nathy and St. Attracta of Breedouge.

Baethin of Airteach apparently extended this church and the number of cealla covered several acres in hill in Tibohine overlooking Domus Baethin. It flourished from the 6th to early 18th century and was described in the Book of Lecan and the Annals. In “An áit ba mhó clú in Airteach ba e Tí Beatha é” – The most famous place in Airteach was Tí Baethín. The civil rulers were Clann Diarmaid Gall of Enda."  [see History of Tibohine by Patrick Timon, Fairymount, 1969].

Immediately to the south is Tibohine Old Graveyard which contains the remains of the medieval parish church. A survey of the headstones (to include photos) can be viewed online on

Address Ballinlough Road, Tibhoine, Co Roscommon, Ireland
Phone 094 9870039
Parish(es) Tibohine (Roscommon)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Religion