St Kierans Heritage Association

St Kieran's Heritage Association. 

St Kieran's Heritage Association is a Society dedicated to documenting, protecting and promoting the Heritage of the St Kieran's area of Ardagh, Carrigkerry, Kilcolman and Coolcappa in West Limerick. Established in 2016, it has continued to expand and grow with its footprint clear to be seen across the various Internet and Social Media platforms available for all to veiw.

(1) St Kieran’s Heritage Website, (2) Facebook, (3) Twitter, (4) Instagram and (5) Ireland Reaching out.


ST KIERANS HERITAGE WEBSITE: St Kieran's Heritage Association - Website 


FACEBOOK PAGESSt Kieran's Heritage Association - Facebook Page 

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INSTAGRAM PAGE: St Kieran's Heritage association - Instagram Page 


OUR OWN COMMUNITY IRELANDXO PARISHES: Helping with Parish Admin tasks, Aiding family research and connecting distant families back to our Local Community. 

IrelandXO - Parish of Ardagh.  

IrelandXO - Parish of Rathronan 

IrelandXO - Parish of Kilscannell 

IrelandXO - Parish of Clonagh 

IrelandXO - Parish of Kilcolman 

SURROUNDING PARISHES OF INTEREST: Neighboring Parishes that St Kieran's Heritage enjoys helping contribute material too. (not Admin) 

IrelandXO - Parish of Newcastle West 

IrelandXO - Parish of Killeedy 

More to follow + 


Every future has a past, lets ensure our past has a future

Parish(es) Ardagh (Limerick) Rathronan (Limerick) Kilscannell (Limerick) Clonagh (Limerick) Kilcolman (Limerick)
Category (ies) Heritage/Culture Local Organisation