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St Kieran's Heritage Association. 

St Kierans Heritage Association is a Society dedicated to documenting, protecting and promoting the Heritage of the St Kieran's area of Ardagh, Carrigkerry, Kilcolman and Coolcappa in West Limerick. Established in 2016, it has continued to expand and grow with it footprint clear to be seen across the various Internet and Social Media platforms available – (1) St Kieran’s Heritage Website, (2) Facebook, (3) Twitter, (4) Instagram and (5) Ireland Reaching out.  

Every future has a past, lets ensure our past has a future


ST KIERANS HERITAGE WEBSITE: St Kieran's Heritage Association - Website 


TWITTER PAGE: St Kieran's Heritage Association - Twitter Page 


INSTAGRAM PAGE: St Kieran's Heritage Association - Instagram Page 


FACEBOOK PAGES: St Kieran's Heritage Association - Facebook Page 

                                    Ardagh Chalice 150 - Facebook Page 


OUR IRELAND-REACHING-OUT PARISH PAGESHelping with some Parish Liaison tasks, Promoting, Researching and connecting families back to our Local Community. 

IrelandXO - Parish of Ardagh.  

IrelandXO - Parish of Rathronan 

IrelandXO - Parish of Kilscannell 

IrelandXO - Parish of Clonagh 

IrelandXO - Parish of Kilcolman 

PARISHES OF INTEREST: Neighboring Parishes that St Kieran's Heritage enjoys contributing material too. (NOT Admin Duties) 

IrelandXO - Parish of Newcastle West 

IrelandXO - Parish of Killeedy 

IrelandXO - Parish of Abbeyfeale - Athea in the Parish of Rathronan 

IrelandXO - Parish of Rathkeale 

Or perhaps a quick List of all Parishes in Limerick: CLICK HERE 


Shared on IrelandXO by: William S. O’Brien  

St Kieran’s Heritage Association*  

Click on Link to visit our Heritage page* 





As we are currently unable to meet up due to COVID 19 restrictions, we have come up with an interesting idea or a kind of challenge for our members that we can all try out during these quiet times, it will be a welcome distraction if nothing else!  

St Kieran's Heritage would like to invite its members to put together local historical articles such as Ancestors, an interesting Building, or an important Timeline Event and post them up as a chronicle on any of the IrelandXO Parish Pages above.  

These will no doubt be a welcome addition to IrelandXO platform but more importantly they will also get pride of place as we would like to share the best of them on our St Kieran's Heritage Association - Facebook Page for all our family and friends to see. 



If you think you may be interested in adding an Ancestor, a Building, or a Historical Timeline Event, it is a very simple process where you only have to,  (1) Sign up as a Member, (2) Click on your Parish, (3) Click on the desired ADD button., (4) Write or transfer the information you have prepared into the given fields and submit. Note: It may take a few days for the admin to approve and display it on the Parish page. You can also re-edit it at any time you want.  


Helpful VIDEOs showing how to add Chronicle to your Parish:  

How to add an ANCESTOR Chronicle there are two good example Videos by selecting  add ANCESTOR VIDEO 1 or by add ANCESTOR VIDEO 2,  

If you would like to learn how to add an interesting old BUILDING to the Parish page click add BUILDING VIDEO,  

To help promote a Town, Village or Society within your favorite Parish Page you can post the information up on its its LOCAL GUIDE or perhaps you would prefer to add and promote a local Historical BOOK to the LOCAL GUIDE. There are two helpful Videos to help show how this can be done.  LOCAL GUIDE VIDEO and  ADD BOOKS TO LOCAL GUIDE 


If we need more extra help here is a handy Chronicles User Guide – CLICK HERE 


Please don’t be afraid to give any of the above a go, and feel free to add your own Name to the bottom of your article along with our proud St Kieran's Heritage Association name as well. 

Huge thanks and the best of good luck! 



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